Inspired by Derek Sivers‘s /Now project, this is a page I keep updated with what’s happening in my life “right now.”

(The “Present Projects Page” now redirects to this page.)

As of 04th November 2016:

I am (Still) in Bengaluru, India, helping my parents, and completely consumed in everything YSeeker.


Building an online presence for a construction materials company.

Venture-designing an upcoming co-working space for architects and interior designers.

Building YSeeker Broadcasting and YSeeker Fellowship. (Please support it here.)

Rewriting YSeeker Style Guide.

Editing four books and a novel.

Finally giving this site the love it needs.

Building the systems and processes needed to serve people well at our non-profit Rovirek.

Helping people turn their ideas into products, and to win at business and personal life.

Always looking for more writers, creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and organisations to showcase or support through our platforms.


Psyched about my fourth consecutive NaNoWriMo, (Read as freaking out, scared, and procrastinating instead of writing. Hopefully, this time, I don’t do a mad sprint on the last few days).

Editing my novel.

Trying to convince myself to get away from the computer and do at least one solitary push-up or plank.

Trying not to think (And get distracted) about this special girl.

Trying to be a good son, brother, and friend.

(Still) Trying to improve my horrible writing skills.

Grieving my great-grandmother, who passed away on the 10th of October 2016.

Helping build a website and network for the amazing Imagineer’s of the present and future, the alumni of MA AICI.


Give and Take by Adam Grant

When my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.


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